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Surveyeah Review 2019

Surveyeah Review 2019

Surveyeah is a paid survey site, and the name implies it’s a survey site that will make you say Yes because it’s a great site with great features.

But Surveyeah is legal and really a great option or Scam?

Like any other survey site, I do reviews, I have thoroughly tested the site myself.

In this Surveyeah review, I’ll go into all the details so you can see if this is a legitimate site with great features that might fit its name, or if it’s a big waste of time and a big no.

What is Surveyeah and what do you offer?
Surveyeah started in 2014 and is operated from Milan in Italy. This is a very simple site that does not have many different features.

Simple can be enjoyable as it often also means it is easy to navigate and easy to use and this also applies to Surveyeah.

But let’s take a closer look at what Surveyeah offers and how good the opportunities it has are, as this is of course very important.

The main offer – paid surveys:
Surveyeah is a simple survey website where the only way to earn is surveys. Many survey sites also offer other ways to earn money, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing that the site only has surveys. This can make it more focused and easier to use.

Surveyeah certainly easy to use. You can’t really get confused about how to conduct surveys on the site. Once registered, you will receive an email each time a survey is available. However, it won’t be the huge number of surveys you’ll get. Probably 2-8 surveys per month depending on where you live.

Thus, paid surveys are the only way to make money on Surveyeah. However, there are still a few other aspects that may be useful to you, and a few things that are worth knowing about the page before you decide to join or not.

Quick surveys:
On the website Surveyeah there is a news section where sometimes are quick polls. It may seem a little strange that this is called a news section, as there is no news published, only these quick polls.A quick survey will take you a few seconds. This is not something you will be rewarded for and you do not need to log in to participate.

So it’s clean if you think they’re fun to do and interesting to see what other people respond. You’ll be able to see statistics with answers right away, and you don’t even need to answer yourself to see the results.

New surveys don’t appear very often, and as mentioned, you won’t get any reward for participating. So it’s not something I personally spend my time on, but it can be interesting to check out from time to time when I’m on the site anyway.

Surveyeah social media channels:
Surveyeah has several social media channels where you can follow and receive news. They are not used very often and there are not many messages. Personally, I find social media channels a bit confusing because they use different languages.

Most of the posts seem to be in Italian (assuming it’s because the owners are Italian), which may seem a bit odd for a site that is available in many countries. Some posts, however, are also in English.

I prefer only the following social media survey sites when they post useful information and news about contests or free promo codes such as, for example, PrizeRebel and SwagBucks. But if you don’t understand Italian, Surveyeah’s social media channels aren’t very useful in my opinion. And even if you know Italian, it’s not very common to see messages.

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