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Revcontent Review 2019

Revcontent Review 2019

Revcontent is a relative newcomer who strives to find a good balance between the quality of publishers and the friendliness of partners.

They’re serious. It is no coincidence that they are often referred to as the “top growing native ad network”, despite the fact that their growth strategy is quite self-limiting.

The Revcontent team has set high standards for its publishers, such as requiring the website to generate at least 50,000 monthly visits, and proudly claim (right on the homepage) to reject 98% of all publisher applicants.
Revcontent has at least two tier 1 countries on its GEO list, which is good. But even better,the US generates an absolute majority of traffic. No wonder they even have different requirements for us and Indian websites.

They say “that” not every site is created equal” and they definitely practice what they preach.

Let’s talk about what Revcontent offers advertisers, shall we?

The list is familiar to you, but there is one caveat.

Files allows you to use one of the trading models :

CPC-standard cost per click
vCPM – you’re only going to be billed for a business 1K impression, me.o’.W. if your ad is really seen.
Most marketers probably will go to CPC, as it makes optimizing the ROI is clear and simple. But it’s still nice to have an alternative, especially if you come up with a super attractive angle.

Oh, and don’t forget about the optimization option – you can optimize for clicks or for actual ROI.

All other options are as you probably expect:

Geotargeting-How to include and exclude option
Device and OS targeting
No targeting WiFi / Carrier – they make it about the discovery of content rather than conversions-that is why we, marketers, have to live with it
Retargeting-only available for VCPM trades, for some reason
Brand targeting – to target your exclusive top publishers (and your CPC’s takeoff)
Theme targeting-to select website themes-where you want your ads to appear
and Ah! super dope to exclude the option of widgets with a low volume!
How can this be useful? Well, you can filter websites, which worsened the statistics of visits from the time of accession to the Revcontent network, and thus improve the traffic that you buy.

Another thing that makes Revcontent stand out is the option for push notification traffic. They offer a daily experience of 180mm – 500mm, for both mobile and desktop computers, with 0.42% – 1.52% CTR and $0.01 – $0.20 CPCs. Given the cost and coverage – it might be something worth exploring with the appropriate type of offers, right?

So far, we’ve been covering the good sides of this wonderful native Ad network. What about flaws?

Well, think about it – if they reject 98% of publisher candidates, they really keep affiliate marketers to even higher standards of verification. Affiliate marketers are often on the dark side of the Power of quality, so you have to be realistic in your expectations.

Approval time can easily take 10 + days.

And it is in your best interest to avoid applying with an exotic credit card. This will instantly put a big fat red flag on your application.

In General, Revcontent is a great ad network and traffic source, and it can bring you headaches (when you ask for approval) and joy (when you get conversions).

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