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Propeller Ads Review 2019

Propeller Ads Review 2019

Next in line in our series of Ad network reviews is the awesome Propeller Ads review.

This is a very famous advertising network with pop traffic.

Yes, it is true! It works exclusively with pop traffic and it has tons of traffic for different geo.

This review will show you some amazing things about this platform and also mention some of the things that can be improved.


Without further delay, let’s go quickly!

Propeller Ads has been a “reliable source of traffic” on Volume for some time.

This means that it has its own ready-made template and that it is part of the recent Voluum marketing promotions that include mutual promotion on both platforms and even discount vouchers.

For example, Propeller recently offered a 25% discount on a 6-month Volume subscription.

Moving on: like almost everything else, setting up Propeller ad tracking is pretty simple.

On the platform, simply click the “tracking” option in the menu on the left.
You will see there: your gear is ready to use.

Nice, isn’t it?

Just copy this, paste it on your tracker or affiliate network and you’re good to go!

As for the tokens for your campaign URL: very simple, once again.

It’s getting repetitive, right?

From now on, it’s very simple until I tell you, okay?

Propeller Ads has an external ID, zone ID, and campaign ID.

I told you, bro, straight up!

You know: you have an installation in place.

Now let’s move on to the campaign creation stage!

Creating A Campaign
To Create A Campaign
Let’s begin. The name of the campaign. Check it!

Now, for the pricing model, you finally have something that will require a more detailed explanation.

You can choose between two models:

CPM and SmartCPA.

The first, CPM, is your base cost per mile. Now, SmartCPA, that’s when it gets interesting.

What is this other pricing model?

It’s essentially an algorithm that automatically optimizes your campaign.

Purpose? Obviously, the increase in the number of conversions!

It allegedly uses machine learning to match a sentence with users interested in its content.

How it works? First, Propeller Ads will conduct a test campaign to evaluate the effectiveness of your offer.

This is where you set the conversion price, which Propeller Ads believes should be around 70% -80% of the payout of your offer for your first CPA campaigns.

If you want to get more traffic, you can always increase the conversion price.

After this testing period – in case your campaign is successful-you’ll be left with an optimized CPA-based campaign, which means you’ll run it on the CPA performance model and pay only for conversions, not impressions.

Nice, right?

However, here’s the first catch: you should consider using this model only if you have a suggestion that you already know works very well.

It is worth noting that if the test was successful, you will already pay only for completed conversions.

If, on the other hand, the test fails, you will have to cover the cost of impressions created for the test.

What “bad” is the propeller?

Well, you will need to figure it out for yourself!

Here’s the second catch: if the revenue generated for the ad network during the test – that is, the conversion price is several times higher than the number of conversions – inferior to the cost of impressions, then this difference will be deducted from your test budget.

If you’re going to use this model, you’ll have a specific step in the process of creating a campaign called “test period Settings” to set it all up.

When the time comes, I’ll explain everything in detail.

Don’t worry! I’m here for you!

Next: you have a target URL that basically inserts the campaign URL.

Below this you will have a checkbox to choose whether you want to activate “TrafficBoost”.

This is an option that allows you to target traffic from Propeller partners.

Given that the network already has pretty decent traffic for most GEOs, I suggest you start with this option without a check mark.

If you need it, you can end up checking it out later.

Next option?

Our old, dear friend, the frequency limit, so nothing special.

Select the capping frequency or check the box if you want to disable it.

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