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Outbrain Review 2019 Best Native Ad Networks

Outbrain Review 2019 Best Native Ad Networks

Overall satisfaction from Outbrain
Use cases and deployment scope
My company, the media, is looking for a platform to market our articles. We have previously used a different content distribution platform, but we are looking for a cheaper alternative due to currency weakening (IDR). Outbrain came as an alternative as it offered a cheaper CPC than our previous choice. There were other alternatives, but Outbrain is significantly better known and therefore trusts our opinion.

pros and cons
Website network: Outbrain provides high-quality websites on its network so you can get a quality audience.
Affordable prices: CPC offered by Outbrain is relatively cheaper than other alternatives.
Content dashboard: the dashboard allows you to edit content before publishing it to the Outbrain platform.
Confusing dashboard: I used to use a content distribution platform similar to Outbrain, but I was honestly overwhelmed by the complexity of the Outbrain control panel.

Difficulty adding new content: I don’t know why, but I’ve often encountered an error message when adding a new content pack to my dashboard. The post basically said that the content violated the outbrain terms and conditions and policies despite their safety (proven when it was considered normal when I entered links to the content one by one).

Blacklist and whitelist: features are offered in Outbrain, but it’s relatively difficult to set up as you really have to check the websites you want one by one. In my experience, Outbrain does not offer a group of similar websites in a whitelist recommendation. This will help. For example, a group of news websites should be encouraged to be on a whitelist for a news company user.

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