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Infolinks Review 2019

Infolinks Review 2019

Here’s my review of Infolinks: Infolinks is a beginner – friendly advertising platform to monetize my blog when I was just starting out. The Infolinks advertising platform was easily approved, I could instantly place ads and get decent revenue for my traffic with the targeted ads it served.
Infolinks is primarily a text-based advertising platform (although other formats are now available) that helps you make money from advertising without making your blog look dirty or spoiling the user experience.

Another advantage of using INFOLINKS is that They are fully compatible with AdSense, although they are a great alternative to AdSense. You can run Infolinks side-by-side with AdSense without thinking of getting banned twice.

Let’s see more information and how Infolinks can help you make money instantly.
What is Infolinks?
Founded in 2007, Infolinks is the third largest advertising platform that offers advertising solutions to both publishers and advertisers around the world.

Infolinks was founded by Yariv Davidovich and Israeli entrepreneur and investor Oren Dobronsky and is currently acquired by Thrive Plus LLC (Thrive+), a company specializing in the digital video advertising sector.

Advertisers use Infolinks ads to promote their business, while publishers like bloggers place these ads on their sites to make money.

Advertisers can get huge benefits with infolinks’s dishes contextual ads that are placed on relevant websites to increase their conversion and publishers can earn by placing infolinks ads in various advertising formats such as text, in-frame, in-screen etc.

How Does Infolinks Work?
Infolinks for bloggers provides a wide range of ad formats that appear in various sections of your site (in text, in the footer in the form of sticky tape, interstitial ads to name a few) that serve relevant ads based on your visitors ‘ browsing history.

The same technology is used by Infolinks #1’s competitor, Google AdSense.

Watch this mini video that describes how Infolinks works in a clear and concise manner.
What are the benefits of using Infolinks advertising?
If you are wondering why you should use infolinks in more other alternatives such as Google AdSense or Shitika or here are some of the advantages of infolinks in others.

Infolinks is the third largest publisher market in the world.
Infolinks uses contextual advertising and smart ad unit targeting system to display relevant ads
Infolinks has access to thousands of advertisers in virtually every industry
Offers tons of ad formats to monetize your website with infolinks ads
Infolinks offers responsive mobile advertising to maximize revenue from mobile traffic.
So let’s now talk about how you can use Infolinks ads to make more money in 2019 and beyond.
Infolinks features overview: ad formats offered by Infolinks with examples
Infolinks offers you a wide range of ad formats that you can use on your website to start monetizing your traffic through your ads.

Here are some examples of Infolinks ads, so you’ll get an idea:

The inner frame
Let’s talk briefly about all these ad formats from Infolinks, so you can better understand how you can use these ad formats to make more money.

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