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How to get the dreamy hairstyle of Aliya Bhatt

How to get the dreamy hairstyle of Aliya Bhatt

Bollywood actress alia Bhatt is known for her experiments with hairstyles. From beach waves to tight buns, the actress is always ready to change her hairstyle and try new looks.
One of our favorite hairstyles was her twisted braid, which she sported at the event. AMI Patel style, she sported this look with a floral dress.
Her dreamy floral ensemble and her braided hairstyle with pearl pins were the perfect combination! Hairstyle aliyah did her hair Priyanka of Borkar. If you loved this look and want to recreate it, we got you covered. Here are four simple steps you need to follow to get the look.

  1. Before you start with braids, you need to curl your hair. Use curlers ranging in size from 1 to 1.25 barrels to get tight curls. Curl your hair from ear level to tips and use small areas of hair to curl.
  2. Gently open the curls with your fingers to get free waves. It will give you hard beach waves such as Aliya.
  3. Now create a Central parting and make two braids on each side.
  4. Finally, twist the braid at the back and secure it with pins. To make the hairstyle more attractive, decorate it with decorative pins like Aliya Bhatt.

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